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What We Do!

Youth And Education

The real activities of CESRUD are geared towards improving upon the quality of education through the training of teachers, the PTA/SMCs within the catchment area as well as rolling out activities which benefit the students and pupils..

Housing For The Homeless

The single detached room is one of the structure put up by CESRUD for selected poor person who have no rooms of their own. Normally, such structues are attached to houses where the persons selected, live and are part of a family.

Empowering Women

This is a project that has been fully sponsored by the Ghana Werkgreop of Roden a long time partner of the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (CESRUD). The construction of the center started in 2004 and was completed in 2010.

CESRUD Supports rural communities in Upper East Region

Bolgatanga, Nov. 2, GNA – The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (CESRUD), a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO), working at Sumbrungu in the Upper East Region has supported and empowered over 80 women groups in income generating activities.

CESRUD is a voluntary, humanitarian, community organization which aims at supporting local communities through training, economic empowerment and education to bring about sustainable development.

Mr Rex Asanga, the Founder and Executive Director of CESRUD, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Bolgatanga, said the NGO has over the years offered leadership and financial training and support to over 2000 women in the region and this has instilled in them business skills, confidence and awareness of women’s rights and gender roles.

He said some of the women were engaged in basket weaving, pito brewing, groundnuts oil processing and other economic activities and were earning a decent living.

“We started with about ten groups at the time we were putting up the structure and the association was named Sumbrungu Business Women Association (SUBWA) but now the number has risen to about 80 groups with over 2000 members. The main objective was to promote women and income generating activities in the community. The women have been given leadership training and financial support in the form of revolving credit, goats’ loan scheme and administrative expenses,” he said.

Mr Asanga said CENSRUD also collaborates effectively with Friends of Africa Village Library (FAVL) to institute community libraries to improve basic education in the communities.

“Through the partnership between CESRUD and FAVL, we have been able to construct three libraries in Sumbrungu, Sirigu and Gowrie Kunkua in the Bongo District and stocked them with current books and relevant materials for pupils to study for free. We also organize classes for the pupils during the holiday which has improved their performance especially at the BECE level”, Mr Asanga said.

He said a Teachers Resource Centre had also been constructed to organize teacher refresher courses for trained teachers to keep them up to date with current issues.

Mr Asanga expressed concern over the lack of support from government after several appeals have been made to the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly for assistance.

He urged government, particularity the Municipal Assembly to include community libraries in its annual budgets to expand and absorb the salaries of some of the staff so as to promote quality and sustained education in the region.



Sumbrungu: CESRUD donates 45 she-goats to JHS pupils

In its bid to deal with the high incidence of poverty that affects academic progression of pupils in the Bolgatanga West ‘B’ Circuit from basic level to Second Cycle level, Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (CESRUD) has donated 45 she-goats (female goats) to 45 pupils of St. Charles Lwanga Junior High School at Sumbrungu in the Upper East Region.

Since 2014, CESRUD, a Bolgatanga-based Non-Governmental Organization in collaboration with Bolgatanga Amsterdam Foundation has used a number of interventions to improve the quality of education in the Bolgatanga West ‘B’ Circuit. Some of these interventions include the construction of a Teacher Resource Centre at Sumbrungu. The centre is equipped with a 20-seater computer laboratory for the training of teachers in Information Communication Technology (ICT). Government approved textbooks have also been procured and distributed to 8 public Junior High and 11 primary schools while teachers have also received various levels of capacity building trainings.

Speaking to TopNews Ghana after the presentation of the animals to beneficiary pupils and their parents, Rex Asanga, the Executive Director of CESRUD, said the purpose of the collaboration between his organization and Amsterdam Foundation is to improve academic performance of pupils in the basic schools in the circuit.

The distribution of the female goats on Thursday February 23, 2017 is for parents to rear the animals and allow them to reproduce so by the time their children progress to second cycle institutions, the animals would have multiplied so the parents will sell and use the money finance their children’s education. The project is targeting an average of 50 first year pupils in all 8 public Junior High 11 primary Schools in the circuit.

Mr. Asanga observed that due to high poverty rate, most parents in the area often find it difficult to finance the education of their wards at the second cycle level thus the move to offer them financial assistance through the distribution of the goats. Thursday’s presentation was the first its kind and will be replicated in the remaining JHSs.

Herman Huijmans, Founder and Director of Bolgatanga Amsterdam Foundation, urged the beneficiaries to take their books serious in order that the efforts of his outfit and its collaborator, CESRUD, are not wasted.

February report of FAVL/CESRUD libraries

Over the course of February, Paul Ayutoliya talked to many students at both the libraries and the surrounding schools about his experience traveling to Accra in January. Many of the students were very motivated by Paul's story to do well in school, so that they may also travel one day.

They promised that they would dedicate much of their time to the libraries and their school work if it could lead them to adventures beyond the confines of Ghana. Many of the teachers at the schools were very supportive of their students and said that they would do their part in encouraging their students to attend the libraries.

The head teacher at Kolgo Junior High School even assigned his students a project, in which they would have to present a storybook that they read at the library to the class. Additionally, Paul awarded regular visitors to the library with new school supplies as motivation to continue utilizing the libraries' resources, as well as encourage others to also become regular visitors.

The new storybooks that Paul brought back from Accra were received with great excitement by the students as well as the librarian from the Upper East Regional Library, who Paul met with in order to share the new books. Mr. Afeebikeya, the librarian at the Sherigu library, held many group readings with the students from the local basic schools, St. Peter Academy and St. Paul Academy, during which, they read the new storybooks. Some of the books read included Fati and the Soup Pot by Kathy Knowles, as well as Believe in Yourself and Abena and the Corn Seed by Vivian Amanor.

To conclude, FAVL/CESRUD Ghana has performed very well this past month, and we are optimistic that attendance to the libraries will continue to increase throughout 2017

FAVL/CESRUD Ghana libraries expand their reach to surrounding schools

The FAVL/CESRUD Ghana libraries started the month of March off very strong. The libraries have been receiving new visitors every day, which can be attributed to Paul Ayutoliya's wonderful job of representing the libraries to the surrounding schools and speaking to the students about the importance of visiting the libraries.

Mr. Apenoore Timothy, the librarian at the Sumbrungu library, with the help of Justice Akunwae, introduced all of the new library users to the Fati Series by Kathy Knowles Most of the students who attended this group reading were students from St. Charles Lwanga Primary, Kulbia Primary, and The Academy for Christian Training Primary School.

Students from Agusi Primary school also visited the library, despite being located seven kilometers away. The students were in the area due to marching practices for the celebration of Ghana's sixtieth Independence Day, which took place on March sixth.

The students of Agusi Primary school have a great zeal and passion for learning; however, the distance of the school from a library makes it very difficult for the students to attend the Sumbrungu library regularly. In order to overcome this obstacle, FAVL/CESRUD is working towards purchasing a motor bike that would function as a mobile library to bring books from the library to the school.