About Center for Sustainable Rural Development (CESRUD )

CESRUD (Centre for Sustainable Rural Development) is a community based organization with Bolgatanga as its operational zone. Sometimes, however, our activities can happen outside the Bolgatanga municipality.

For quite some time the organization was seen through its effort with the Sumbrungu Business Women’s Association (SUBWA),  where, from the late 1990s, it has organized more than 2000 women, helping them improve their business skills, micro financial support and  cottage industries.

Almost in the same vein, in collaboration with friends of Africa Village Libraries  (FAVL) an America NGO, CESRUD runs three libraries established in Sumbrungu, Sherigu and Gowrie.

For the last five years, CESRUD has also been involved with an estate development company in Holland to build rooms for the very vulnerable people in Sumbrungu. The Dutch company supported this initiative as part of its corporate social responsibility. Unfortunately, it has decided to turn to other areas in the world and so that programme has ended.

CESRUD’s key mandate is working to increase the incomes of rural women through access to credit, market for their produce and improvement in their knowledge, skills and quality of their products.

One of our main aim is to make quality basic education in rural communities accessible to all in the Upper East Region through capacity building of (teachers, PTAs and SMCs), improved infrastructure, teaching and learning logistics and provision of community libraries.

CESRUD also works in the area of lobbying and advocacy to support communities for the improvement in quality of rural infrastructure and social amenities (roads, clinics, markets etc.).