Management Team

1. The purpose of the Management Team is to help the manager implement daily activities of CESRUD

2. The Management Team is answerable to the Project Manager, and supervises the departments and projects of the organization.

3. The BOD and PM hires the Management Team members depending on their experience and qualifications.

4. The members of the Management Team are the PM and Heads of Programmes.


The responsibilities of the Management Team are:

The Project and Office staff’s responsibilities are described in their job descriptions and contracts.

Implementing daily activities

Supporting the staff of the department and managing the departmental resources

Receiving approval from the Project Manager.

Assisting the PM in making managerial decisions

Reporting weekly to the PM about the ongoing activities of the projects in the department.


Cessation of Management team membership is by:

Dismissal by the BOD in accordance with RISE-Ghana personnel policy