Management Structure

CESRUD shall have the following bodies for the running and management of the organisation:

1.Board OF Directors (BoD)

2. Executive Director

3. Management Team

4. Project/Office Staff.

The Project and Office staff’s responsibilities are described in their job descriptions and contracts.



1. The Board is the highest decision making body of CESRUD.

2. Membership is made up of the 5 founding directors.



1. The purpose of the PM is to be the leader of the organization’s daily.

2. Answerable to the board and is the head of the management Team.


The responsibilities of the PM are:

Implementing the policies of the organization.

Representing CESRUD when signing agreements with partners.

Hiring and dismissing the heads of programmes in consultation with BOD

Approving all financial disbursements

Ensuring financial transparency of the organization

Coordinating the running of day-to-day activities

Promoting CESRUD and ensuring good relations with the community and stakeholders.

Reporting quarterly on all activities to the BOD.


Cessation of the PM position is by:

Dismissal by the BOD by five or more votes.