Our Vision And Mission Statement

Our Vision: Sustainable improvement in rural peoples’ livelihoods security especially women and children who are empower to live in dignity.

Mission: To facilitate and initiate processes/programs that empower rural poor especially women and children through organised action and access to productive resources.



1. To raise the incomes of rural women through access to credit, market for their produce and improvement in their knowledge and skills and quality of their products.

2. To work for improvement in access and quality of education in rural communities in the Upper East Region through improved infrastructure, teaching and learning materials and provision of community libraries.

3. To advocate improvement in quality of rural infrastructure (roads, clinics, markets by organizing and supporting advocacy activities of rural communities.



CESRUD is committed to:

1. Ensuring that all rural people can exercise their rights to access to the resources they need for improved livelihood.

2. Implementing projects according to the needs of the local communities.

3. Providing support that will have a very long term positive effects on the community and environment.

4. Encouraging communities to understand the relationship between their daily activities, human rights and their environment.