FAVL (Friends of African Village Libraries) and CESRUD work with communities to establish and sustain community libraries. Favl's goal is to assist the rural poor African child with the creation of village libraries. FAVL and CESRUD have established and are currently supporting three community libraries in Sumbrungu, Sherigu and Gowrie-Kunkua communities.   The libraries offer everyone the opportunity to pick up a book of his or her choice and read. The libraries also offers various activities such as individuals readings, group readings with patrons, quiz competition, riddles, games, storytelling, extra classes during vacation periods. During long vacations every year, the libraries organizes a one month reading classes for pupils and students within the catchment areas. Sensitization programmes are also organized to educate the various basic schools and parents on the importance of the libraries. The community libraries are been supported by Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL) and recently Biblionef Ghana. 

Our main donors (FAVL) in collaboration with CESRUD believes that sustainable development happens when children and adults have the means at their disposal to develop their own skills and potentials and  village  libraries are part of that process. 










BEQUIP (Basic Education Quality Improvement Programme) has been designed by a Dutch NGO, Edukans and they designated another international NGO, IBIS with its agency in Ghana, IBIS – Ghana, as facilitators. In fact, the IBIS facilitators were trained in Holland for the purpose.

 Five (5) TOTs (Training of Trainers) workshops have been organized in Sumbrungu involving an average of 60 teachers each time. Topics the participants were taken through included all aspects of active learning, i.e.

  • Active and Passive Learning
  • Learning Styles (visual, auditory, tactile, kinaesthetic) 
  • Concept Building
  • Effective Group Work
  • Preparation and use of TLMs
  • ICT as a teaching tool
  • Learning Activities
  • Teaching Activities
  • Classroom Observation Matrix
  • Preparation of Teaching Notes/Lesson Notes
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

These workshops have been valuable in enhancing the methodology of classroom delivery and as timely intervention refresher courses which the Ghana government has, over the years, found too expensive to carry out.

These workshops have been very expensive but worthwhile as the circuit has increasingly recorded an improved performance in the district. As a result, some of our schools are beginning to rub shoulders with most of the public schools in the municipality. Of course, the private schools are way ahead of all schools, including those in the urban area of Bolgatanga.

The TOT workshops are aimed at getting those trained to, in turn, train their colleagues at the school and cluster INSETS and so all teachers eventually benefit from BEQUIP, not to mention the students and pupils who are the real beneficiaries of this important programme.

Normally the TOT is centrally organized in the SUBWA Centre and then following which the CESRUD Training Coordinator and the CS are responsible for ensuring that the INSETS are carried out in their presence. We are happy to note that any that despite the problem of lack of funds at the school level, teachers have generally been enthusiastic and co-operative in getting the maximum attainable at the INSETS.

After the INSETS, the head teachers also take over from that point and supervise in their schools. The CS and CESRUD Training Co-ordinator also map out the circuit and do monitoring and supervision as part of the total scheme. Understandably, teachers are kept on their feet throughout the term. Needless to say that the whole concept of active learning has brought about a difference in teaching and learning and the needed outcomes.