Women Livelihoods improvement project

The women livelihoods improvement project is anchored under the umbrella association known as the Sumbrungu Business Women Association (SUBWA).  It is an association of over 2000 women grouped into about 60 discrete community groups. SUBWA is also unit under the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (CESRUD). The association was formed or established over 19 years ago with the aim of promoting income generating activities of women. It was a well thought plan of Mr. Rex Asanga to improve the lives of poor women. Mr. Asanga said doing so (helping the women to generate their own income) will not only help them and their children but the family as a whole.

The beginning of this association was not that easy but as the years went by the association has now found its feet and is helping the over 2000 different women groups with micro credit loans to help them in their income generating activities and pay back within a period of time with some little interest. Some of the income generating activities the women are engaged in are; basket weaving, petty trading, pito brewing, shea butter extraction, smock material weaving among others. These income generating activities have indeed impacted on lives of the women over the years in so many ways some of which are;

  • The women are now able to assist their husbands pay for their children school fees.
  • They are now able to afford at least a meal a day with their family.
  • The women are now able to save some money to meet unforeseen expenses.
  • They can easily access a bigger loan from other micro credit facilities etc.

Other activities that generate income to support the running of the women center include;

  • Accommodation and restaurant services offered by the centre.
  • Hiring of the women meeting hall and benches.
  • Donation from friends from the Roden Werkgreop of Holland and others.
  • Dues paid by members.
  • Interest pay on loans.

As listed above, the women have a building where they meet for their meetings and other training programs called the Sumbrungu Business Women Center (SUBWA). This building was initiated and/ or planned by Mr. Rex Asanga with support from the Roden Werk Greop of Holland. The rooms for accommodation, Women meeting hall, Restaurant, and the Sumbrungu Community Library are all found within the premises of this building. Indeed, SUBWA cannot over emphasize the financial and technical support that is being received from the Roden Werk groupe of Holland.


In January and again in February, 2015, it was thought that  stakeholders in the education enterprise needed to be trained on management techniques and administrative skills so that together with the teachers the schools could better run with community involvement as, in principle, generally expected by the government of Ghana.

In respect of this, there was a selection of 80 participants from the circuit, made up of a member each of the PTAs and SMCs of each school as well as the heads of schools (both the primary and JHS) and their assistants.

CESRUD engaged two facilitators who had vast experience in training that calibre of people and therefore the participants were taken through all the essential aspects of capacity building which included:

  • How SMC/PTA ensure good relationship with the Head teache
  • How SMC/PTA ensure good parent/teacher and community relationship
  • How SMC/PTA ensure transparency in the management of school finance
  •  How SMC/PTA ensure improved outcomes of examinations (ie. SEA, NEA & B.E.CE)
  •  How SMC/PTA improve the quality of instruction
  • How SMC/PTA monitor and supervise Head teachers, teachers and pupils’ attendance.